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Forget-me-not Foundation Romania is a United Kingdom based charity (no.1091442 registered with UK Charities Commission) for the purpose of helping Romanian orphans with special needs.

Our Story

For more than a decade we have been working for the welfare of orphaned children. The foundation was set up by Simon Long in 2002, with sponsorship from Novatron Scientific

The Forget-me-not Foundation was originally caring for five young orphans who had been living in poorly equipped state orphanages. Today, only the youngest of the original 5 kids, Costi, remains. Since 2012, Forget-me-not has been working in partnership with Romanian Child Protection authorities and has expanded to now provide a home for over 14 young people with a beautiful house and garden/play facilities with ability for the kids to learn and develop in a family-type environment.

The Early Days

Our work has covered more than a decade of helping Romanian orphans by providing a home, garden, education, recuperation and pastoral care.

Forget-me-not first opened as a permanent home for the original 5 kids in September 2002. The result for the original 5 kids was to teach them social skills, how to take care of their own personal hygiene, learn at school, play together and interpersonal communication skills. Today, from the original children, only Costi remains at the home. The other kids have grown up and moved on to a new home for young people with special needs but are still together and we still visit them today.

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Meet some of the kids

The original five kids have grown up and moved on to a more specialist home with the exception of the youngest, Costi.  The current young people are now aged between 12 and 18 which means there are more frequent changes due to college and university attendance. Meet some of the young people at Forget-me-not.


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Do you like to work with children? Do you feel the need to make a real difference in their lives?

There are many ways that you can help support our work with children and young people. Please contact us for a volunteer application form.

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Our work

Our work has covered more than a decade of helping Romanian orphans by providing a home, garden, education, recuperation and pastoral care. Our goal is to teach them social skills and how to take care of their own personal needs, how to learn at school, to play together, and interpersonal communication skills.

A Family Home

Forget-me-not has worked, for more than a decade, with abandoned, orphaned and abused children. These are the children who have been abandoned by their parents. Forget-me-not Foundation, in partnership with DGASPC Vrancea (County Department For Child Protection), is deeply involved in providing a family home, care, therapy and recovery, education and mentoring, in addition to helping with the children's physical needs like food, clothing and medical attention.


For many of the orphans and disabled children, a proper education is not available. Even though the Romanian government provides free education through the state-run schools, many orphans cannot afford to be equipped with the requirement of attending school. We aim to help our children receive a good education, acquire skills be capable of leading a successful and independent life by developing their interest for learning and education, choosing a profession and find a job, developing skills for independent living, and gaining self-confidence.

Social Reintegration

Our children face a number of social challenges and disadvantages, because of abandonment by their parents. Forget-me-not advocates on their behalf, striving to provide them with a safe environment to live, social reintegration and educational opportunities available, adapted to their personal needs. Our goal is for these children to be fully reintegrated into the Romanian society, to have a solid education and a safe place to live. By addressing these issues early on, the children we support will have an opportunity to build a better future for themselves.


Donations and Fundrising Events

It’s the job of our UK base to keep cash rolling in and this is done by our registered UK charity Forget-me-not Foundation Romania no.1091442, based in Horsham U.K. Whilst the principle sponsor is Novatron Scientific, further fund raising and donations are still needed to keep us going. Our founder has organised and participated in many fund raising events over the years, including marathons, Iron Man triathlon, sponsored drive to Monaco , quad-bike run and many more. Our latest fund-raiser is our short animated film , for small children, out on DVD : “Bluebelle’s Yard, the Tale of Johnny Minor”. This is produced entirely for Forget-me-not and is a 10 minute feature about old cars in a scrap yard, with theme tune sung by school children and dedicated entirely to Forget-me-not.

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Organising holidays for the Forget-me-not kids in the U.K is our next step to bring more enjoyment and experience to their lives. Learning some English too is a great advantage. We aim to invite each child over to the UK for a holiday, along with their carer. Travel costs to be paid for by Fmn. Most of the Fmn kids have never seen the sea, learned to swim, ride a bike or travelled on an airplane. Could you host a child with a Fmn carer for a week’s holiday in your home and take them out places? Please CONTACT US if you think you could help.

Holiday in Horsham

Costi enjoys swimming with Robert and Harry Long
Event Post

Holiday in Horsham

Costi enjoys cycling with Robert and Harry Long
Event Post

Holiday in Horsham

Defying London weather-Madalina with Edward, Simon and Harry Long
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Holiday in Horsham

Bikes with the Boys – Madalina’s visit to Horsham
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For further information, donations, regular giving, help with fundraising, volunteering, holidays or ordering children’s DVD please contact us at the address below:

  • Forget-me-not Foundation Romania, 46 London Rd, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12 1AY, UK.
  • (+44) 01403 754416
  • Click here to e-mail us.